Life Rushes By – Dusk in the City

ShaolinTiger posted this at 4:14 pm on Tuesday, July 11, 2006 —

Street Photography in Singapore outside Funan Digital Mall.

Life Rushes By

Exposure: 1.6s ISO: 320 Aperture: f/22 Focal length: 18mm

View the large version to see the detail in the bottom half as it’s quite dark.

Taken without a tripod and my new D70s resting on the cathedral gate with the lens, body supported by my hand. The technique is called bracing.

When you don’t have a tripod, and you are doing street photography use whatever you can, lean on a tree, rest your camera on a wall or a fence, or even a friends shoulder to steady it.

I had to use max aperture so it was over-exposed, as with no tripod I still had to keep the shutter speed down to 1.6 seconds.

Street photography is about grabbing the scene, capturing the essence of the moment, I’m still trying to master that.

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